Mera Pharma | World Cup Qatar 2022
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Mera Pharma & World Cup Qatar 2022

Mera Pharma GmbH  is a brand of modern solutions in the nutritional supplement category. It consists of a wide range of products designed to meet the various needs of children, nursing mothers, pregnant women, the elderly, athletics and youth. The idea of the company was to create a site that contains a vote on the results of the World Cup Qatar 2022 matches by users, and then a random drawing of the winner in addition to the results of the match appearing.
This site aims to increase the number of customer visits and to identify the company’s products by displaying them on the site.

The Challenge of Project

In Core Click, we started a new challenge, which was the record time factor for finishing the site before the start of the World Cup matches. The Core Click team finished the site within a time period of seven days.

  • Opening the site requires clicking on sign up to enter a set of information that supports company’s CRM.
  • The site allows customers to know the specialization of pharmacists or doctors.
  • The site will be available for voting 24 hours before the start of the match.